March 25th, 2007

me - or is it?
(pic: Anne Taintor)

I was an HBS student (class of 2009) from Israel. Wrote about:

… and other topics that interested me.

My goals in writing this blog were:

  • Connect with other students, applicants, alums or anyone else interested.
  • Help applicants during the daunting MBA applications process.
  • Keep my family and friends collectively updated…
  • Share my thoughts and pictures.

So feel free to comment and contact me! I’m very user friendly, at least online :)

Disclaimer: everything written in this blog only expresses my opinions. I’m in no way affiliated with HBS administration or HBS admissions, and do not pretend to have any internal insights to HBS admission process. I’m also not affiliated in any way with any commercial corporation (unfortunately ;))

My other endeavors: Consability.com, Zent – Rent high-quality items..

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Asaf Says:

    Very nice!

    I know only one HBS admit who uses orange fonts, adds smilies and cares about accepted.com :)

    Am I wrong?

    Kudos for the initiative.

  2. cs@hbs Says:

    As a matter of fact you are wrong :)
    Check out my original post in mbachances to see who I’m not…
    But thanks for the feedback anyway.

  3. Rich L Says:

    Interesting, my good college friend is also HSB’09. Her name is Morgan B.

    Also, it’s neat that the schools you visited are the exact schools that I’ll be applying to; though more for their EMBA program.

    I’ll look through your blog more closely now and maybe I could ask you more question if possible. My e-mail is kleunghkggmailcom

    Good stuff and keep up the news

  4. Admin Says:

    Rich – haven’t met your friend yet… will look her up in Facebook :)
    Good luck with your applications. Feel free to shoot me an email.

  5. Louis Says:


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