First Snow

December 8th, 2008

Yes, I’ve been bad. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

  • Thanksgiving with good friends in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Ice skating!
  • A beautiful weekend in Montreal, back when trees were changing colors. Check out photos here.
  • HBS “Hell Week” in the Bay Area, was pretty heavenly actually (sunny and t-shirts!). Check out photos here.
  • Buying Amazon Kindle just before traveling to the Bay Area (a present from my parents for my birthday ;)) was a life changing event. Seriously. I love this thing. I read a lot more, I started going to the gym more often (reading newspapers and blogs on the elliptical is so much fun), and travel – especially flights – has become a much more pleasant experience. Not to mention the coolness factor of having it and showing it (off) to other people! Highly recommended.
  • Enjoying fall here at HBS. For some reason it felt shorter and less pretty this year – compare my photos from this year to my photos from last year. Or perhaps last year I was just more excited by it all.
  • Speaking of excitement, I attended talks at HBS by Michael Dell (CEO of… Dell) and Paul Otellini (CEO of Intel). Oh, and dinner with Paul Otellini. Last year I think each one of these would have generated a post of its own, this year I’m just like “oh, CEO of Intel. Cool”. (not really – I was still pretty excited to see both of them!)
  • Signs of the crisis #1 – CEO of Intel gets a standing-only room when he comes talking at HBS.
  • Signs of the crisis #2 – HBS creates a special website dedicated to the crisis. The site looks really good, it’s nice to know at least some institutions still have money.
  • Signs of the crisis #3 – Harvard endowment fell 22% in the last 4 months. I’m glad I’m graduating from this place before they run out of money for toilet paper.
  • Signs of the crisis #4 – postings in the HBS job bank for graduating students went down significantly compared to last year. Some people are definitely not happy to be graduating right now.
  • Attending the most impressive talk in a long time with Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place, a venture that will end the world’s dependency on Oil (starting with Israel). What they’re doing is so amazing, and he’s such a good speaker, that I actually went to see him twice, day after day. Definitely a first for me! I’m the last person into hugging trees and composting, but his talks make you want to drop everything and join him in saving the world.
  • Speaking of Israel, I’ll be there over winter break, attending (or rather, crashing…) HBS Israel Immersion, where we’re going to meet a host of pretty amazing people from the Israeli high-tech / VC industry. Also, if you’re in Israel and interested in HBS / MBA abroad, you can meet me at the MBA Forum on December 30 in Tel Aviv.
  • Helped organizing a panel in the HBS Marketing Conference, about social media and consumer generated content. Check out the list of awesome panelists we had here. In the words of Borat, “Great Success!”. The highlight however was stuffing 250 goodie bags for the conference (yes).
  • The conference itself was very interesting – both keynote speakers were excellent, but the CMO of Frito Lay, Jaya Kumar, blew me away with examples of some of the most cutting-edge marketing techniques Pepsi employs (not the exact description, but something like a “fake” supermarket they use to measure heat waves produced by your body to analyze how long you stand in front of the Doritos isle, or something to this extent, and monitoring the widening of your pupils when you watch commercials to determine if they’re effective).
  • Speaking of Doritos and consumer generated content, we were shown a few movies created by consumers for a contest Doritos had last year. They were hilarious! Check out this one, one of the finalists: Doritos Checkout Girl
  • I’m writing this at Peet’s Coffee in Harvard square, and not that I’m eavesdropping or anything, but I just overheard this – “I love organic things”. Only in Cambridge. (And Seattle, probably)
  • Oh yeah, today we got the first snow of the season! It didn’t stay but was beautiful when it snowed. Pretty late compared to last year, but I’m not complaining! Much more to come I’m sure.
  • :)

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