October 21st, 2008

HBS is full of euphemisms and politically correctness. So this time, when HBSers say X, they actually mean Y:


They say… They Mean…
The recruiting process was a humbling experience The recruiting process was a humiliating experience
There wasn’t a cultural fit I didn’t get an offer
I wouldn’t have gone back anyway I didn’t get an offer
How’s the lifestyle at your company? Will I have a life or will I work 19 hours a day?
I had a great summer at Lehman and plan on going back I’ve been smoking something really strong in the last few weeks
It’s a competitive offer I’m getting tons of money!
I’m trying for consulting, I think it’s a good fit for me Finance is gone and I have no idea what I wanna do with my life
I applied to all strategic corporate rotational leadership development programs I have no freaking idea what I wanna do with my life
I’m considering canceling my hell week interviews and accepting the McKinsey offer There are awesome deals to the Bahamas
Dedicated Interview Period Hell Week


They say… They Mean…
HBS is a transformational experience Mainly for my liver
HBS is like drinking from a fire hose HBS is like drinking
Grades don’t matter anyway I got five 3s
I’m highly leveraged I have $150K in student loans

Student Body

They say… They Mean…
She’s intense She’s a bitch
I was attacked by the HBS turkey She’s a bitch
African-Americans All black people, include those born & raised in Ethiopia, who never set foot in the US
The Middle East Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Egypt. Not Israel.
High net worth individual Filthy rich bastard
I was underwhelmed It was crap
I am traveling this weekend I am “traveling” this weekend

Gotta love it!
Cheers from rapidly-freezing Boston.

9 Responses to “HBSpeak”

  1. haya Says:

    enjoyed reading it

  2. JulyDream Says:

    I’ll admit, when you said HBS speak, I was thinking of something else, but this was highly entertaining. The worst is when we start talking in class terms at the bar. Seriously, who does that?? At least I feel I’ve retained something at Darden. Though I’m sure the alcoholic beverages consumed at both schools impair that retention.

  3. Admin Says:

    Thanks Haya :)
    JulyDream – no, the worst is when you start talking in class terms to people who don’t go to b-school. :)

  4. mba972 Says:

    Great post! You should post a complete dictionary for the “English MBA” language :)

  5. Admin Says:

    mba972 – thanks! regarding your suggestion, as we say in Hebrew – “katonti” :)
    great website btw…

  6. Andy Says:

    Hey CS it’s Jan,23,2009…vacation is over….time to do something important, and update your blog !!!!! =)

    On the serious side, I hope you have a fantastic semester…so what course did you chose? take care, keep safe, Andy

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  9. Terezinha Says:

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