Ahead of the Curve?

September 20th, 2008

I originally planned to write this post about “Ahead of the Curve”, the new “Sensational” book about HBS. But considering the last week’s events, it felt more appropriate to start with that. More than anything, I think this week meant a lot of confusion and insecurity among HBS students. HBS administration did send us an email saying that recruiters (including in finance) are still recruiting MBA graduates and do not plan to decrease recruiting levels (or at least not at HBS) – not sure how much it helped to reduce stress levels. Networking events on campus this week held an impressive number of companies from all sectors – though I don’t know how this number compared to last year.

Many students at HBS are stressed and waiting to see how things unfold. I think that in our narrow world of MBAs, we still need to wait and see, but no doubt everyone acknowledges that this crisis will have a profound impact on Wall Street in particular and the US economy in general. In this context, the title of the book – and the post – seems quite ironic now.

But anyway, to the book…

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Back to School

September 6th, 2008

Good things about going back to school:

  • Seeing everyone again and hearing about their summer.
  • Choosing my courses! My courses so far look really good – will write a separate post about it a bit later. But so far even studying from 8:30 to 13:00 with almost no break isn’t that bad because I have some really good professors.
  • Being in my apartment again. Seattle was awesome, but my Boston apartment just rocks. Not to mention two of my best friends here just moved to my building on campus.

Bad things about going back to school:

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