Alive & Kicking

July 1st, 2008

My photo gallery is alive again. It suddenly stopped working, and after seeking help in the support forums and regressing to my programming and debugging days, I managed to bring it back to life.

So with that, here’s what I’ve been doing in the last week:

Last weekend was the longest day of the year, and Fremont, Seattle’s strangest neighborhood (and it’s a tough competition), threw the Fremont Solstice Fair. I only went on Sunday, so I didn’t get to see the Nudist Club riding bicycles (seriously), but even so it was one of the coolest fairs I’ve ever been too. I especially liked the Art Cars exhibition. Check out the (tons of) photos here:

There are lots of them so be sure to go through all the pages. Here’s one of my favorites, a car covered with old floppy disks and keyboard keys:

Then this Saturday we had a picnic in Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. This weekend was just beautiful, with perfect weather – even a bit too warm (almost 30 degrees).

Here’s a photo from the park, with the lake and the mountains in the background:

More photos here:

And yesterday – Sunday – we went hiking in a place called Rattlesnake Mountain. It’s pretty amazing – when you drive a car, the minute you leave downtown Seattle you’re already in green, beautiful areas, and the place we went to was only half an hour drive from downtown. The “value for money” of this hike was excellent – less than an hour hike and amazing views. At the bottom of the mountain, after going down, there was a fresh water lake and we went in for a swim… it’s chilly at first but you get used to it really fast and it’s so much fun!

The downside of the trip was that the 5 other people who hiked with me were Olympic-level hikers (or at least so it seemed) and set a really fast pace for hiking up! At times I was happy they didn’t know Hebrew as I was cursing them under my breath (obviously, since I wasn’t capable of speaking – had to concentrate on breathing)

But after reaching the top it was all forgotten… I’m ready for my next hike – hopefully with a different group of people :)

Here are a couple of photos:

And see more photos here:

And since the photo gallery’s working again, I added an album with photos from the Israel Trek I wrote about in a previous post – here’s the gallery:

I bought a pretty good book about Seattle and the area last week, and it said something that summarized Seattle very well. It was something along the lines of “Seattle is very liberal, so the 40 year old woman with the green hair sitting next to you in the neighborhood cafe may well be a software developer in Microsoft”.

I definitely agree with the green hair part, not so sure about Microsoft yet.


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