For some reason every state, city and public bathroom in the US has a nickname. So the “Emerald City” is, apparently, Seattle – the nickname is a result of a contest (!) held in the 80s and refers to the “lush evergreen trees in the surrounding area” (thanks to Wikipedia for that incredibly useful information).

At any rate, this is where I’m going to be for the summer. Landed two days ago (still ridiculously jetlagged) and going to be here till the end of August for my summer internship in a large technology company that sells stuff online.

The same technology company was also nice enough to set me (and the other interns) up in a great apartment complex right in downtown Seattle: Harbor Steps. I think the location couldn’t have been better – 2 minutes walk from Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum across the street, 5 minutes walk from the shopping district and tons of restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and whatnot literally downstairs. Not to mention the waterfront being 2 minutes away (that’s why it’s called Harbor Steps…). I can almost say it’s better than where I used to live in Tel Aviv…

The apartment I have is a fully-furnished one bedroom, which means that when I got here on Saturday this is what welcomed me:

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Live in Beit Shemesh*

June 8th, 2008

I came back to Israel right after the semester ended, and a week later started the HBS Israel Trek (aka The Most Amazing Thing You Can Do While at HBS :)).

HBS Israel Trek
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