I Love I

May 17th, 2008

Hard to believe but it’s OVER. Today was the last day of classes and while we still have three finals next week, I’ll be doing them online in a warmer, better place (aka Israel).

I’m flying tomorrow with some mixed emotions – but mostly happy. It’s been a great year, I had lots of fun, but it wasn’t always the easiest. I’m looking forward to almost a month in Israel with my family, friends, and some HBS friends (more about that in the next post), and to the rest of my summer in Seattle.

But I want to dedicate this post to something else…

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After a year of blogging (woohoo!), here’s some funny and interesting statistics about the blog, courtesy of Google Analytics:

Number of visits: 12,441

Absolute unique visitors: 6,819 people, coming from 107 countries.

Number of page views: 35,606

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Greg Brenneman

May 2nd, 2008

This week I went to hear Greg Brenneman, HBS Class of ’86, who came to speak at HBS. Since I took digital notes anyway, I thought I’d just post them (so it’s not that I’m sitting here writing posts a day before my finance final exam…).

Some background – Mr. Brenneman is currently CEO of TurnWorks, a private equity firm specialized in turning around troubled firms, and president and CEO of Quiznos Sub (sister – this one’s for you :)). He’s also on the board of Home Depot. You could say he specializes in turning around distressed companies – he was the CEO of PwC Consulting, CEO of Burger King and President & COO of Continental Airlines and helped “reviving” them.
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