Short update: after 5 days of back-to-back finals (with a weekend in the middle), I’m back home in Israel.

The weather’s amazing (similar to what we had in Boston… 3 months ago), I’m meeting friends and family, eating Israeli food and slowly recovering from my jetlag. At the HBS front, I’m busy writing cover letters for summer internships, due next week.

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Pro·cras·ti·na·tion, noun

December 12th, 2007

Procrastination is a lovely word which doesn’t have an equivalent in Hebrew (and not because we Israelis don’t procrastinate, I can tell you that). So there’s no better word than Procrastination to describe me writing this instead of studying for my Accounting and Marketing finals this week.

Wednesday next week we’ll be done with finals and I’ll be going back to Israel for the winter break (not planning on celebrating Christmas though). I have mixed emotions about it, ranging from “can’t wait to go home!” to “the last two weeks here have been awesome!”.

Samples from last two weeks’ awesomeness:
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December 6th, 2007

It’s really hectic here towards the end of the first term, so just a short update…

Next week we have our first two final exams, followed by three more on the following week. Then, I’m flying back home to Israel for almost three weeks of vacation where average temperature is above freezing point! That will be a refreshing change. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

* Prospective students in Israel – watch out for us at the Israeli MBA Forum and at an additional HBS event – details to be announced.

A few words about

Final Exams @ HBS

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