October 30th, 2007

Executive Summary: after a few boring posts about micro finance and technology conferences, I come back with a juicy post about… the weather! and naked turkeys.
So yesterday was a sad day: I turned on the heating in my apartment for the first time and wore a scarf for the first time. However, today I sat outside in the sun again, so it looks like we have a few final days of bearable weather here. After that, I’ll be wearing the crazy sleeping bag coat I bought this weekend, along with my new furry hat… pictures to follow.

On the other hand, fall is indeed a beautiful season here. The trees really turn to orange and red (I used to read about it when I was in Israel, but never bought it), here’s a proof:


Couple of posts ago I told you about Cyberposium, the HBS technology conference I help organizing (hey, you can still register!). Among other things, I was working with the graphical designer who designed the program for the conference – a booklet all attendees get. Strangely enough, each one of the students who helped organizing the conference submitted his or her biography to be included in the program and on the website (see it here). I mean, who would be interested in reading our biographies, except our mothers? (hi, mom!) Anyway, the graphic designer saw I listed photography as one of my interests, so she asked me if I’d be interested in sending her a few photos of HBS campus, as every year she incorporates a few photos in the program. So in what was one of my most creative endeavors at HBS thus far, I took a couple of hours to take photos of the campus… it was lots of fun and 4 of my photos ended up in the program:



Baker Library.



This one wasn’t, to my great surprise and disappointment :)


You can see more photos here. The campus is really ridiculously amazing these days.

And to cap off the zoological front, today we received the following email:

From: Harvard Real Estate Services

Subject: Wild Turkey on Campus

Dear Residents,

Please visit the following website to better educate yourself on living with wild turkeys in urban areas:

Report any aggressive behavior to the City of Boston Animal Control at (617) 635-1800 or visit their website at

And to answer the question you must be asking yourself – that’s the thing:

Wild, baby!

No cold turkey

Next: mid-terms and grades @ HBS. But you have to admit wild turkeys are much more fun!

8 Responses to “brrrr”

  1. haya Says:

    beautiful pictures and bio

  2. Elroi Says:

    Nice pics :)

    p 030.jpg is my favorite – care to guess why?

  3. cs@hbs Says:

    Haya – thanks :)

    Elroi – I don’t know? someone said the thing in the photo looks like me, so maybe that’s the reason ;)

  4. Guy Says:

    I prefer p 032, reminds my of the exact sciences library in tel-aviv university. Maybe it’s the burnt out lamp.

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  6. Andy Says:

    brrrr ??? brrrrrr ?? come on, this is still summer weather compared to how it will be in another 6 weeks =) =) Actually you do have the remains of a Hurricane that will be passing you this weekend..HOLD on to your hat some super winds will be blowing all those beautiful leaves off those trees.. Great Job with the Photos as always!!! keep up the great work!

  7. Matheus Says:

    Loved seeing the pics of my frndies. They must have had a great Dawg Trainer helping them with Copper! How cute! Your photogs are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Denizonur Says:

    Thank you Sarah! and thank you ladies…so lionokg forward to choosing a stencil (or two)! This is going to be my year of creativity and hopefully a home with my creative mark on it!