First week of the Analytics program finished – which means we’re more than half way through, as the program will finish at the end of this week.
The pace is very fast – in one week we really learned a lot of accounting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and accounting concepts), finance (financial ratios, discounted cash flow) and quantitative concepts (decision trees, process analysis, data analysis). They really manage to squeeze in a lot material in very little time. I think that works because we came partly prepared – we were doing tutorials on these subjects before coming, and also because we do a lot of individual learning outside the classroom every day.

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The third and last week of the Pre-MBA International program just finished. These three weeks flew by so quickly…

A few highlights from last week:

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Sushi & Hummus

August 5th, 2007

The second week of HBS International Pre-MBA program has finished. It was really busy (more than the first one) and went by so quickly. Next week is the last one of this program, and is expected to be (relatively!) relaxed.

Few highlights from this week:

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